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LASIK Singapore

LASIK Surgery in Singapore

In Singapore LASIK surgery is a very common procedure. Every week hundreds of people from the city have their eyesight corrected with this type of eye surgery. The majority of LASIK in Singapore is carried out in specialist eye centres rather than in hospitals.

If you have an eyesight problem and are wondering if surgery is for you this page is what you need. Here we explain what LASIK is, which conditions it can treat, how the procedure is carried out and what you can expect after the operation.

As you will see with LASIK you can enjoy laser clear vision and enjoy life without glasses or contacts.


What is LASIK Surgery?

The term LASIK is short for laser in-situ keratomileusis. During the surgery, the shape of the eye is changed to correct a range of vision problems. The surgeon uses a laser to reshape the corneal tissue.

Types of Lasik

There are two types of LASIK surgery or two techniques. Both use a laser to make minute cuts in the outer layer of the eye. The surgeon is creates a flap so that they can remove a little corneal tissue. When the eye heals the eye is restored to a shape that allows you to enjoy perfect vision, once again.

One form of surgery just uses lasers. The other technique includes the use of wavefront technology to provide a computer-generated 3D image of the eye. Both techniques have their merits, but they both restore eyesight to near perfection. You certainly will not need your glasses or contacts.

What Eyesight Problems can be corrected with LASIK?

The three most common eyesight issues can all be corrected with LASIK. They are:LASIK Singapore

Myopia – short-sighted

Hypermetropia – longsighted or farsighted

Astigmatism – blurred vision

However, this surgery is not suitable for everyone. Below is a list of reasons you may not be able to have your vision corrected in this way.

Who cannot have LASIK Surgery?

People aged under 18 cannot have this kind of surgery because their eyes are still developing.

Pregnant women cannot undergo this kind of surgery. However, once the baby is born you can see an eye surgeon.

No one with an eye infection can undergo this kind of surgery. Once the infection has been cleared up, it may be possible to perform the surgery.

If you do not have stable eye refractive power, you will not be suitable for this type of eye surgery.

Your cornea has to be thick enough to tolerate the surgery and heal properly afterwards.

If a LASIK procedure is not an option we may still be able to correct your vision using the IntraLase bladeless procedure.

The Four Steps of LASIK Surgery Explained

Pre-Lasik EvaluationLasik In Singapore

Before we can fix your eyesight, we need to assess you. To do this we carry out an evaluation. You make the appointment at a time that is suitable to you.

To prepare for your LASIK evaluation you have to stop wearing contact lenses prior to your appointment. This is to allow the eye to settle into its natural shape, so that the correction can be done properly.

You need to stop wearing soft lenses for 3 days prior to your evaluation. For hard lenses, it is 10 days.

At the evaluation, you will be checked for suitability. We are looking for pre-existing eye conditions or diseases as well as working out the type of correction that will work best for you.

Occasionally, pre-existing conditions mean that LASIK surgery cannot be used to correct your vision. Should this be the case, do not worry because there may be other options that we will explain them to you.

An important part of the evaluation process is explaining the surgery to you. We want you to be aware of the risks and alternatives as well as the benefits. It is important to us that you are the one that makes the final decision about whether to go ahead or not.

We will also explain the cost of Lasik eye surgery and the different forms of payment that we can accept.

Before Surgery

If you do decide to go ahead with surgery we will explain how you need to prepare yourself.

Once again, prior to surgery you will have to use glasses instead of contact lenses. For soft lenses you must do so for 7 days prior to surgery for hard lenses, it is 14 days. In addition, you should not apply eye makeup for at least 4 days prior to surgery.

You will not be able to drive immediately after the procedure, so please arrange for someone to pick you up from the surgery. Given the fact that the surgery only takes 15 minutes, you may want to ask the person to wait for you.

The LASIK Procedure

Singapore LasikThe procedure is as follows:

The eye area is cleansed and drops are put into the eyes

A speculum will be applied to prevent you from blinking and give the doctor access to the eye.

Tape and a suction ring will also be put in place

The surgeon places you under the laser and begins to operate

The surgeon will use a laser to form a flap on the outer cornea

Your eye will be reshaped using a VIAX S4 IR Excimer laser

Post Surgery

After surgery, you will not be able to drive or work for at least 24 hrs

The healing process will include at least three reviews

You will be prescribed medications to aid the healing process

To find out more about LASIK and the other types of eye surgery that we offer please refer to our FAQ page.

If you are looking for Lasik in Singapore, please come in and see us or give us a call. We will answer all of your questions and help you to establish if this type of surgery is the best way to correct your eyesight problems. At our eye centre, we pride ourselves on taking a tailored approach and are equipped to deal with virtually any eyesight issues.