LASIK Eye Surgery Cost In Singapore

Lasik cost

Costs of LASIK in Singapore

Do you suffer from astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness? Are you tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses? One of your options is LASIK surgery.

LASIK is one of the laser eye surgery procedures available today. It stands for laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis. Using a computer-guided laser, it makes corrections in the cornea to correct how it focuses light at the retina. A thin piece of the cornea is cut to create a flap to allow the laser in. Then, the flap is returned to its place which serves as a natural bandage.

What makes LASIK a good Choice?

Lasik Eye Surgery costLASIK is safe and have a high first time rate of success, clocked in at 96%. Part of the remaining 4% can even be easily corrected with subsequent enhancement procedures to bring that number further up.

LASIK is also a well established eye corrective procedure in many countries. One notable place is Singapore. There are a lot of clinics that offer the service with highly skilled surgeons meeting the optimal success rate.

LASIK Surgery Cost

The next question you may then ask : So how much is LASIK eye surgery??

The clinics in Singapore offer very competitive prices and are known to be cheaper compared to those offered in some western countries. You can compare the eye surgery cost in Singapore at several notable clinics so you can get the best deal. But do not be mistaken that this ‘cheap’ LASIK surgery that is available in Singapore will be compromised by poor quality, lower success rate, inexperienced ophthalmologists and the out-dated vision correction technology. In fact, they offer advanced technologies in this surgery, even LASIK operations that doesn’t require any cut on the cornea (bladeless or Intralase LASIK). The eye surgeons based here are also reputed to be among the best in the world.

So you can rest assured that the cost of LASIK you pay if you decide to have your LASIK eye correction surgery done in a well established clinic in Singapore will definitely be good value for your money!

The cost for laser eye surgery in Singapore is not just about the mere monetary numbers. With their comprehensive eye surgery packages, you can get your money’s worth literally. The best part, perhaps, is that you are assured of minimal risks and the most comfortable procedure this time and age can offer.

The range of LASIK surgery prices in Singapore range from 1,000 to more than 2,000 Singaporean dollars (SGD) for one eye; 2,000 to 4,000 Singaporean dollars (SGD) for two eyes. These price ranges are for the premium LASIK procedures. An example would be iLASIK, along with other bladeless LASIK operations which are considered safer and more efficient and accurate eye surgery techniques. The surgery cost range is slightly lower for the standard LASIK operations; that is operations using the traditional Microkeratome blade to cut the cornea flap. But with the current advance accuracy and techniques available for the eye surgery procedures, most people nowadays would opt for bladeless or the official name; Intralase LASIK for their laser vision correction surgery despite the slightly higher cost.

Some Advanced Features Of LASIK Eye Surgery

The clinics in Singapore usually offer a choice between Microkeratome and Intralase. Microkeratome uses an oscillating blade for making the corneal flap. Intralase uses laser. Intralase, on average, costs 30% more than Microkeratome procedures.

A technology called Wavefront is offered as well. This is an advanced measurement guided system which comes up with precise measurements based on a 3-D map of the eye’s image processing. From these measurements, the computer guides the laser for proceeding with the cornea reshaping. This enables the prevention of potential issues such as glares, halos, and shadows. On average, Wavefront LASIK procedures are 50% more costly.

The LASIK Eye Center

Lasik costThe LASIK Surgery Clinic is one of the more established LASIK surgical centres in Singapore which offer premium services at reasonable costs. Conveniently located at the Orchard Road shopping belt in Singapore, average cost range of its various types of full LASIK surgery services fall within the SGD2000 – SGD4000.

Below is an average cost table for the general LASIK procedures offered by this reputable Clinic. Again, note that this is only a budgetary cost for the operation. For exact price and all other related cost, including medication, administrative, travelling cost etc., please schedule an appointment with the clinic for a LASIK pre-evaluation check-up, so that the eye care professionals at the clinic can quote you the exact price upon determining your suitability for the eye surgery.

S/N Service Price (w/o GST) With GST
1 Pre-LASIK evaluation consultation SGD25 SGD27
S/N Treatment packages (TWO eyes) Price (w/o GST) With GST
1 VISX Intralase Bladeless Standard LASIK SGD2888 SGD3091
2 VISX Intralase Bladeless Wavefront-guided LASIK (iLASIK) SGD3888 SGD4161
3 Epi-LASIK SGD3778 SGD4043

The above packages include the following :

  • Surgery for TWO eyes
  • 3 post-op reviews / 4 post-op reviews (VISX Epi-LASIK ONLY)
  • Eye-plugs (when prescribed) 

Medication of SGD57.00 (w/o GST), SGD61.00 (w/ GST) is not included in Treatment Packages.
Medication is included in Epi-LASIK Treatment package.