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LASIK Doctors From Lasik Eyes Center

Eyes doctor are the unsung heroes of the ophthalmological world. Many professionals are of the opinion that LASIK doctors provide a virtually unnecessary service that comes with too great an amount of undue risks. Even though LASIK surgery is commonly considered frivolous, it can be considered a blessing to those who do not want to go through the burden of wearing glasses or contact lenses. LASIK doctors require years of gruelling training and practice before they are fit to perform LASIK surgery.


Our Doctors


Medical Director and Consultant

Our doctors have experiences from various institutions such as, The Lasik Surgery Clinic in Singapore.  The medical doctors has responsibilities such as the application and improvement of laser protocols, as well as directs the actions of medical related matters and personnel.  As a Medical Consultant, the doctors are referred to on issues concerning patient care in addition to those regarding medical procedures. Their skills and expertise have cemented the position as one of the best LASIK eye surgeons in the region.


Occupational Historyeyes doctor

Our medical doctors extensive occupational medical history entails being employed at various medical institutions in Singapore, namely: the Tan Tock Seng Hospital, the Toa Payoh Hospital the Eye Department of the Singapore General Hospital and also the Singapore National Eye Centre; when LASIK was just introduced, one of our doctor was one of the main LASIK doctors and a member of the Founding Group of Refractive Laser Surgeons.


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