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About Lasik Eyes Center

We are a group of private eye care specialist clinics with expertise in general eye care practice and corrective vision surgical procedures. Our qualified team of eye doctors and ophthalmologists have extensive experience in corrective refractive procedures such as LASIK and common eye conditions.

Lasik Eye CenterOur goal is to provide a one stop portal service for eye screening and evaluation which would lead to an arrangement of a surgical procedure or treatment to resolve your eye condition with the respective specialist clinic. It is also our aim and responsibility to provide the best quality service, both in terms of clinical and administrative practice, one can find in this region. This is further encouraged by the fact that our medical professionals, especially in the field of ophthalmology, are often being considered as one of the best in the world. In addition, annual re-accreditation of our eye care practitioners is conducted to ensure a high standard of practice and quality care for the patients.

Besides having access to an experienced and proven team of eye care professionals, with the commitment to providing quality service and results to all your eye care problems, the location of most of our clinics are situated near the shopping district or city centre in Singapore. This makes accessibility to the clinics easy and convenient both by private and public transport. Even for post surgical situations, the friendly clinical staff will assist to ensure you get back to your home safely despite initially not having full vision acuity after a eye surgical procedure.


Eye Care Services

This website will thus serve as a one stop portal service for

  • First port-of-call for patients with eye vision issues.
  • Access to subsequent comprehensive management with full access to further sub-specialised care when required.
  • Arrangement of 1st eye screening or sub-specialised suitability evaluation.
  • Recommendation of suitable sub-specialised eye care practitioner based on medical history and record provided.
  • Initial rough estimate of medical costs.
  • Enquiry and information of eye care/vision procedures.
  • General information on eye care problems.


Contact Details

Thank you for your interest in our eye care services provided in this website.

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Lasik Eyes Center

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